In this study, Ross takes us through the third reading from the triennial cycle of Torah Readings (Genesis 3:22-4:26). On the surface of the reading we have 3 stories; (1) the expulsion from Gan Eden, (2) the story of Cain and Abel, (3) and the beginnings of the line of Cain and the birth of Seth. Ross examines the words of these stories in an attempt to determine the underlying lessons for us today. What does it mean to know good and bad, and why is this a problem? What is at the base of the story of the expulsion from Eden? Are there lessons here that are useful elsewhere in Scripture? What can we learn from the murder of Abel? Ross also investigates some prophetic texts often associated with Satan (Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14). Do these really speak of some being popularly knows as Satan or the Devil? Within this week’s reading, we encounter a theme that occurs more than 30 times in the Hebrew Bible. It is called the Hiding of the Face (of God). Ross touches on this point as a means of highlighting one of the main points from Scripture. Below you will find links to the audio and video files, as well as the PDF for the section of Torah studied this week. The translation is the work of Dr. James D Tabor. You can read more about this exciting translation on the website for the Transparent English Bible (TEB).