The popularity of streaming video has overtaken the world. There are multiple platforms that enable a user to upload content for worldwide viewing. Each week our classes are streamed live to our YouTube channel as well as our Facebook page and these get hundreds of views from people all over the world. Despite the popularity of video, on-demand listening has not lost its appeal. People download content onto their phones, iPad, or other devices for listening while commuting, or working out, or any number of things. I prefer audio over video and have worked hard with our team to ensure that the quality of our audio recording is excellent. Audio files of our weekly classes are available for play directly on our website but are also on Apple iTunes as podcasts. Each week, people from around the U.S. and the world download these teachings. Presently we have subscribers in 49 countries and 21 States.

Countries listed in order of number of subscribers

U.S., Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Israel, United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Malaysia, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Turkey, Ghana, Nigeria, Mexico, Netherlands, Brazil, Philippines, Kenya, Sweden, Romania, Zambia, The Republic of Iran, Finland, Chile, Pakistan, United Republic of Tanzania, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Spain, Burkina Faso, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Lebanon, India, Cyprus.

States in the U.S. listed in order of number of subscribers

Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, Illinois, California, Indiana, North Carolina, Colorado, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana, Utah, Montana, South Carolina, Washington, New Jersey, Idaho, Kansas, Virginia, Hawaii, Oregon.

Thank you to all of our listeners! Please share the United Israel World Union podcasts so that others can hear. SHEMA!