Torah portion Re-eh (11:26-16:17) begins with Moses describing a ceremony that will take place after the children of Israel cross the Jordan into the land promised to them by YHVH, but this narrative is interrupted by fifteen chapters of legal material (chapters 12-26). These chapters are referred to as the law code. After a brief explanation of the material contained in Deuteronomy’s law code, the focus of the teaching is shifted to cover some key points from Deuteronomy, namely, what does YHVH ask of you? Beginning with Deuteronomy 10:12-22, we work through several texts that show some of Deuteronomy’s unique phrases. The class begins to illustrate that Deuteronomy presents a form of pure ethical monotheism that only appears in the fifth book of the Pentateuch.


Due to technical issues with our internet, the video feed was interrupted. These will be edited later. The audio of this class has already been edited and is available here.


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