In this week’s class, Ross continues his teachings based upon the ancient triennial reading cycle. We are now into the story of a man named Abram, a son of Terah. He and his family come originally from a place called Ur of the Chaldeans. According to the narrative accounts contained in the Bible, we know that he comes from a family who served other gods beyond the Euphrates and that Abram is called to go sight unseen on a journey towards the land of Canaan. Ross takes a close look at all relevant texts pertaining to the call and presents them in this informative teaching. One key aspect of the call of Abram is a promise to his seed. Who is this promised seed? Is it referring to a coming eschatological figure known as the messiah, or Christ as Paul says, or is something, or someone else intended? Abram is charged to walk for himself. Arguably, this is what countless souls are feeling in our present time – a call to leave all that is familiar in order to follow the God who originally called Abram out of Ur of the Chaldeans.