In this class, the search for the authentic Moses Scroll begins – within the texts of the Hebrew Bible. The Bible speaks of such a scroll, written by the hand of Moses. These references indicate that such a scroll exists, but where is it? Has it joined the ranks of other ancient scrolls mentioned in Scripture that are now lost? Forty-three references to the scroll of Moses in the Hebrew Bible point to content found within the Book of Deuteronomy. One of these is the Torah of the King. The King is supposed to write a copy of this Torah, keep it with him all the time, and read from it all the days of his life. This Torah of the king forbids him from multiplying women for himself, but even the celebrated king David, a man after God’s heart does just that. Did these kings simply choose not to follow these instructions, or did they not have this in the scroll they read? Did Moses write the Torah of the King?

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