When the Scroll of the Torah was found in 622 B.C.E., Josiah set out to reform the nation in accordance with its words. Three prophetic voices (Huldah, Jeremiah, and Zephaniah) all declared what was to come – these declarations too were in accordance with the words of the newly discovered scroll. Jeremiah found within the scroll, predictions of the impending doom of the Kingdom of Judah, but from the same scroll he found the promise of a new covenant. Jeremiah spoke of a circumcision of heart, but this did not originate with the prophet from Anatot. He saw a day when the Torah would be written on the heart, but this too was first recorded by another prophet. Jeremiah spoke of another Exodus that would be greater than the Exodus from Egypt. All of these ideas come from the words of Moses. They were recorded long ago in the Moses Scroll.

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