This week, Ross begins a new series on the Tribes. The Constitutions and By-Laws of United Israel World Union, say in part, “The objects and purposes of United Israel World Union are: To reawaken the lost tribes of Israel to consciousness of their true identity.” Who is Israel according to the Bible? Ross makes it plain that this series begins with the understanding that the Jewish people are literally and physically Israel. He also stresses that this series will not advance, and in fact will show the falsity of racists groups who ignore the “sifting among ALL nations” declared in Scripture. More and more people are claiming to be descendants of the so-called lost tribes of Israel. What can we discern from the Bible regarding the Tribes? In this introductory teaching, Ross focuses on the name change of the patriarch Jacob and a word from the prophet Hosea that hints at a message for our time. Bringing in clues from the Torah and a prophecy from Isaiah Ross establishes a starting point for his new series.

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