In the 1960s, working under the auspices of the University of Leiden, the Netherlands Organization for the Advancement of Pure Research sponsored several seasons of archaeological work. The site is 8 km east of the Jordan River and 1 km north of Jabbok at a place called Deir ‘Allah. In 1967, toward the end of the season, in a multi-chambered structure, upon a wall, an inscription was discovered. The inscription was painted in red and black ink upon plaster. Part of the inscription was intact on the wall, but archaeologists also found 119 pieces of painted plaster on the floor. This inscription at Deir ‘Allah is designated “Kanaanäische und Aramäische Inscriften (KAI) 312. It tells the story of a “seer of the gods” who has night visions from El. His name is Balaam son of Beor. Is this the same Balaam of Biblical fame?

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