The story of Joseph reveals many of the principles upon which God interacts with humanity. In this teaching, we identify the historical Joseph and explore the reasons for his trials and afflictions. We will see the reasons for which YHWH brings trials and afflictions and how those afflictions have the potential to prepare us for a greater role in YHWH’s plan of salvation. Joseph applied the principles of testing, proving, and afflicting his brothers to see if their hearts were ready to know who he was. After his brothers passed his tests and the time came for Joseph to reveal himself, he had every reason to judge his brothers harshly. When Joseph cleared the room, his brothers were sure God’s judgment against their sin was imminent. Instead of judgment, Joseph called his brothers close to him and offered them salvation. Their affliction during the 22 years of separation had healed their sin. They were ready for the salvation Joseph could offer them. Yet even within this great time of joy, Joseph’s father, Jacob, could not bring himself to hope that his son was yet alive. He lacked the heart to believe the good news. Once YHWH’s plan of salvation for the Abrahamic clan was revealed, YHWH provided Jacob with a covenant of hope. Hope that he would see and touch his long lost son. Hope that his family would be whole. Join us as we see the word of hope that YHWH has left within his scriptures for us today. Hope, like Jacob, that will not be deferred when we see that his righteousness is revealed and his salvation is near to come.