In this teaching, Ross surveys what the Hebrew Bible says about the Spirit of God. After defining the Hebrew ruach, he works through many texts with the intention of better understanding God’s Spirit.  Ross shows that all living creatures are alive because they possess a measure of the breath, or Spirit of God. He also shows that at times, certain individuals are given an additional measure of the Spirit in order to accomplish tasks and assignments. In this teaching, you will be shown many examples of this in Scripture. You will also learn about what Ross calls the roots of the Spirit. You will learn that the Spirit sometimes, “comes upon,” sometimes, “rushes upon,” and sometimes “rests upon,” an individual. He discusses that in the Hebrew Bible at times the Spirit is upon, and at other times is within an individual. He demonstrates that the Spirit can be transferred from one person to a group of people, and at times can be received by one person by the laying on of hands by one with the Spirit. Ross also shows that at times the Spirit directs the words of a person. Throughout the class, Ross shows from the texts of the Bible that the Spirit brings life to God’s people.