RobertsJerusalemWebIn this podcast, Ross takes an opportunity to shed light on a traditionally dark time by responding to a comment that was posted on his Facebook page. When he posted his podcast titled, Where has Ross Been, a listener remarked that the proposed restart of his Torah lessons was “interesting,” pointing out that “8/13 is also 9 Av.” What did the listener mean by this? Why would “9 Av” be different than any other day? After all, Ross makes it clear in his podcast that this is the day that according to the annual cycle of Torah readings, the book of Deuteronomy begins, making this date a good stepping on point. Ross replied to the comment by saying that the listener’s observation had not gone unnoticed. So what was it about this brief Facebook exchange that provided material suitable for a new podcast? Well, just listen. In this episode, you will learn about the 9th of Av according to Jewish tradition. You will discover what Judaism teaches in regards to the cause of the destruction of the first and the second Temples. You will also hear of an interesting reading contained within a Hebrew Gospel of Matthew, and finally Ross shares a simple and yet profound solution to many of our problems.