DAVID HOROWITZ: Dean of United Nations Press Corps and Founder: United Israel World Union

The Book of David

by Ralph Buntyn

For 10 years, author Ralph Buntyn spent many hours with renowned United Nations correspondent and United Israel founder David Horowitz. They engaged in lengthy discussions about his foundational views drawn from his experience and unique vantage point in the two world bodies. The Book of David is based on his personal notes, extensive archival records and reflections from these conversations.

This book documents the life and legacy of David Horowitz and stands as a permanent accounting of the unfolding events in his life and his role in the affairs of the United Nations, the State of Israel, and United Israel World Union during the latter half of the twentieth century.



In Horowitz’s autobiography Thirty-three Candles published in 1956, he wrote: “Thirty-three Candles undoubtedly calls for a sequel because much has occurred on the world scene since 1944, most of it confirming its major thesis. I feel I shall have to bow to this demand.” The Book of David is dedicated to fulfilling Horowitz’s request for an historical accounting of the period that followed.

Author Ralph Buntyn is the Executive Vice President and Associate Editor of United Israel World Union. A historian and researcher, his many articles and essays have appeared in various media outlets including The Jerusalem Post, United Israel Bulletin and The Southern Shofar. After a distinguished career with a Fortune 500 company, he retired as a Senior Vice-President of Marketing in 2003. He and his wife Rebecca live in Asheville, North Carolina.

What People are Saying

“A remarkable book about an outstanding individual …”

Barrie Wilson, PhD., Professor Emeritus & Senior Scholar, Jewish Studies, York University Toronto

“Ralph Buntyn has done a great service in chronicling Mr. Horowitz’s … ”

Simcha Jacobovici, Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Adjunct Professor, Huntington University, Ontario

“The Book of David’ is a penetrating and moving portrait of an emblematic 20th century figure.” 

Vanni Cappelli, President, Afghanistan Foreign Press Association

“David Horowitz personified the human search for meaning and he pursued it with passion… 

Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Creator and Host, Closer To Truth

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