This week’s lesson covers the thirty-ninth chapter of Genesis, and contains the story of the temptation of Joseph. Ross sets out to show how the words, phrases and themes in all of these patriarchal stories, masterfully tie together elements of the overall narrative. Ross carefully works through the chapter illustrating this with examples. While the focus in Genesis has shifted to Joseph, Ross notes that we must not forget what we learned concerning Judah in the previous class. The two brothers, Judah and Joseph, are both learning valuable life lessons that will prove essential in bringing about a reunion of the brothers later, but also point forward to the much anticipated reunion of their respective descendants. From rags to riches, and to rags to riches again, the story of Joseph is high drama, and serves as an open invitation to the reader to experience the rise and fall of the favored son. It also causes us to anticipate the coming events in the saga of Joseph!

Genesis #34