This is the second class in the ongoing series based upon James Tabor’s book, Restoring Abrahamic Faith. The book represents an overview of the principle teaching contained within the Hebrew Bible. In the series, like the book, three foundational concepts are explored. In this class, Ross begins to explore the first foundational concept, namely, Knowing God. In this lesson, you will learn the name whereby the patriarchs knew God. You will learn about the eternal name of God given to Moses in the 3rd chapter of Exodus. You will learn how it is presented in the Hebrew Bible, what it means, and why there exists a ban on pronouncing the name in Judaism. You will also see how NOT knowing the name has caused great confusion, particularly among the nations of the world. Watch this video, or listen to the audio version of the class. Knowing God involves knowing His name. It is a tremendous revelation, which once understood can begin to transform one’s sense of who God is. In the class, Ross mentions an article that he wrote some time back on “Swearing by the Name of YHVH.” Be sure to check that out as well.

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Swearing by the Name of YHVH