This is the first class in a new series, titled Restoring Abrahamic Faith, based upon the book by the same name from its author, Dr. James D. Tabor.

According to the biblical prophet Isaiah, God told ancient Israel to “Look to Abraham.” Tabor’s, Restoring Abrahamic Faith, recently released in a thoroughly revised edition, examines the core principles of a faith based solely upon the Biblical texts. I first encountered these teachings, now nearly 15 years ago, in the first edition which was then a 48 page treatise on the same subject, by the same name. At the time, it caused me to re-examine what I believed and fueled my quest for the authentic religion of the Bible.

James Tabor’s, Restoring Abrahamic Faith sets forth in clear and unambiguous language the faith of all the ancients-from Noah and Enoch who “walked with God,” to Abraham, Moses, David and all the prophets. I would encourage all who desire to follow God to read this book.

The book claims, and then sets out to show that this ancient way is essentially unchanging and that it can be discerned from the pages of the Hebrew Bible, or Protestant Old Testament. The book is logically arranged into chapters that outline the three foundational concepts of Abrahamic Faith: Knowing God, Following the Way of God, and Participating in the Plan of God. Each of these concepts is fully explored in the book.

What was the faith of Abraham and what must one do to be like Abraham a “friend of God?” All who are in pursuit of righteousness and who seek God, should read this book. It is available from Genesis 2000 Press on the author’s website.

Restoring Abrahamic Faith – An Introduction