Dateline: January 1957. Following the 1956 Suez Campaign, President Eisenhower launched an initiative that became known as the Eisenhower Doctrine to secure the Middle East against Soviet aggression by aiding any nation against overt armed aggression from any other nation controlled by international Communism. Congress adopted the doctrine in March.

Saudi Arabia’s King ibn Saud visits Washington at the invitation of Eisenhower, the first official visit of an Arab head of state. During Eisenhower’s eight years in the presidency, no Israeli is so honored.

In March, the Suez Canal reopens after clearance by the UN salvage crews of ship hulks sunk to block the entrance during the Suez crisis.

United Israel World Union began republishing the United Israel Bulletin in a new format in April. This edition, released during the Passover redemptive season, was the first published since the last printed magazine appeared in March 1952. During the interim, there were a number of UIWU newsletters published periodically. The first United Israel Bulletin was printed in Washington, DC in July 1944.

In the April bulletin, it was reported that movie stars Marilyn Monroe, Carol Baker and Elizabeth Taylor had all, at various times, embraced the Decalogue Faith of Moses following long periods of contemplation and study of the Hebrew Scriptures.

In July, David Horowitz was instrumental in creating the “United Nations Correspondents Fellowship,” to foster closer understanding and fellowship among the correspondents at the UN. The move was unanimously embraced by the association and lauded in written letters of endorsement by Ambassadors Abba Eban of Israel, Dr. Djalal Abdoh of Iran, Alberto F. Canas of Costa Rica and UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold himself.

BillyGraham1957In early August, Evangelist Dr. Billy Graham told David Horowitz in an exclusive interview, that God’s word with respect to Israel’s future boundaries as promised in the Bible-from the Euphrates to the Nile-cannot fail eventual fulfillment. Dr. Graham agreed that the return of the Jews to the Holy land marks one of the great turning points in the history of the world.

As 1957 drew to a close, it became apparent that the “Eisenhower Doctrine” was not a great success. Middle Eastern governments were generally eager to accept US aid under the new program, but Arab public opinion was hostile to the doctrine, seeing it as an effort to impose Cold War thinking on the Arabs by pressuring them to join an anti-Soviet alliance. Consequently, few Arab governments publicly endorsed the program.

It was announced in early 1958 that American Jewish Press correspondent at the UN, David Horowitz, had been elected to the Executive Committee of the Foreign Press Association during its recent meeting. Fitting recognition for the many contributions Horowitz was making to the association.

BenGurionTime1957The American Committee for Israel’s 10th  Anniversary announced that the inauguration of the celebration would take place on April 24 at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the cradle of America’s independence and the home of the famous Liberty Bell containing the Old Testament inscription “Proclaim ye liberty throughout the land to all the inhabitants thereof.” Harry S. Truman, the first head of government to recognize the newly born state 10 years earlier and Israeli Ambassador Abba Eban were to be the featured speakers during the unique ceremony.

During a television interview with leading CBS newsman, Edward R. Murrow, former president Truman was asked: “You moved immediately to recognize Israel after it was created. Do you have any regrets about that?” With no hesitation, Truman replied: “Not the slightest…I know the history of that section of the world fairly well. There was the Balfour Declaration on the creation of the State of Israel. They hesitated and prolonged the situation. When it became my time to make the decision and there was a chance to create the State of Israel, as had been promised, I just carried out the agreements that had already been made. I’ve never been sorry for it, because I think it’s necessary that there be a State of Israel. It’s going to stay there no matter what they (the Arabs) think or what they do. Because the Israelites will take care of themselves as they always did in historic times.”

Israel’s 10th birthday was not the only significant event being celebrated in the month of April 1958.

United Israel World Union would also be observing the 15th anniversary of its existence.

Remarking that the great Hebrew prophets prophesied the rise of the Third Hebrew Commonwealth in a period of stress and trial among nations, David Horowitz drew a providential connection between the two events, saying: “despite the confusion among nations, two great rays of hope and fulfillment beam on the world horizon: Reborn Israel in two dispensations-United Israel World Union and the rising Hebrew Commonwealth on the ancient site.”

“Notables Hail United Israel World Union On Its Fifteenth Anniversary” announced the front-page headline of the April edition of the United Israel Bulletin. Leaders from all walks of life-among them professionals, rabbis, and laymen alike-joined hundreds of others in hailing the successful endeavors of United Israel on the occasion of its 15th anniversary.

Among the many rabbis who praised the constructive, Torah-reviving activities of UIWU were: Dr. W. Gunther Plaut of St. Paul’s Mt. Temple; Rabbi Arthur Meyerowitz, Scarsdale, N.Y., a member of the N.Y. Board of Rabbis, and Rabbi Samuel S. Lerer of Temple Sholem, Hollywood, California. Also, the world-renowned Lubavitch Rebbe, Menachem M. Schneerson, who sent a special Passover message along with his best wishes and blessings.

Especially meaningful to Horowitz, was a message from London from former Catholic Priest, Abraham Isaac Carmel, congratulating UIWU on its fifteenth birthday. Dr. Carmel, the first and only fully ordained Catholic priest to have adopted the Hebrew faith, hailed UIWU as a “heaven-sent” movement that has “created a new era in Jewish history.” In an open letter to UIWU, Dr. Carmel wrote: “As a proselyte to Orthodox Judaism, and the first Christian Priest to enter the Hebrew family, I write to offer my warmest congratulations on your 15th birthday. I personally owe a great debt to David Horowitz and his wonderful work. It was a heaven-sent revelation to me to learn of the amazing activity of David Horowitz and United Israel World Union.”

In still another open letter to UIWU, which was entitled “Time for rededication and to open the gates of Sinai,” Dr. Hirsch Loeb Gordon, world-renowned leader in the field of neuropsychiatry and research, offered the following remarks: “On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Republic of Israel and the 15th of United Israel World Union, we should all rededicate ourselves to the rebuilding of our ancient Fatherland and to the propagation of our ancient faith universally.” Dr. Gordon, a giant in his field, was the holder of six Doctorates and four Masters in several different fields, and had served in the Neuropsychiatric Consultants Division, Office of the Surgeon General and was the past National Commander of the American Palestine Jewish Legion of World War I.

In a stirring endorsement, Dr. Gordon had this to say about the work of United Israel World Union: “Your movement to send the Chariot of YHVH across the firmament of the pagan world to finish the mission begun at Sinai and crush the false idols is most inspiring.”

Perhaps Rabbi Samuel Lerer of Temple Beth Sholem expressed it best when he said: “I wish to convey my deep gratitude for your dedicated work in bringing the Judaic faith unto the nations of the earth. Your missionary work that brings pure monotheism and Torah-faith to mankind, which is now merely a trickling spring of clear water, will eventually develop into a great fountain that will break forth into many springs from which humanity will drink.”

Two fitting anniversary tributes; one to Israel reborn in their ancient prophetic homeland and the other to the emergence of an organization calling for a return to the Decalogue Faith of Moses for all mankind.

Bio PictureRalph Buntyn is executive vice president and associate editor of United Israel World Union. A historian and researcher, his many articles and essays have appeared in various media outlets.

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