In this teaching, Ross shares some thoughts regarding Yom Kippur. This day is known as the holiest day of the year. Many traditions have developed in regards to the commemoration of the day. Synagogue attendance will undoubtedly be higher, as many who do not regularly attend services will show up to participate. Aside from the special customs practiced, there are several passages from Scripture that will be publicly read. It is the message of these passages that form the outline for this lesson. What do they tell us about Yom Kippur? What message do they intend to convey? Working through passages from the Torah and the prophets, Ross seeks to share the essence of what it means to “afflict” one’s soul. One of the primary customs of the day is a 24+ hour fast. Is this commanded? Is fasting enough? What does God say about fasting? What are we to do, or not do on this day according to the Bible? These, and many more questions are posed and answered in this challenging and informative class.