mechina(Mechina מכינה) is Hebrew for “preparatory.” This is an Israeli program to prepare high school graduates for service in the military. (Shahar שחר) is Hebrew for “dawn.”

For one week, the members of mechina shahar מכינה שחר worked with the Israeli Antiquities Authority on projects at Biblical Tamar Park under the direction of Yoram Haimi. Biblical Tamar Park is cared for, maintained, and developed by Blossoming Rose.

In this video, the young Israeli men of mechina shahar – מכינה שחר, sing a nigun about brothers and the strong bond of blood brothers – a fitting song that demonstrates the strength of the Israeli people. A nigun (ניגון) is a melody – sung by groups. A nigun contains the distinct repetition of sounds as is evident in the beginning. This is the unique nigun of this group. They are singing under the entrance to Biblical Tamar Park.

May these future members of the Israeli Defense Forces continue to be a moral military, bravely protecting their eternal homeland.

May they be protected by the One who neither sleeps nor slumbers.

May their enemies always be scattered before their faces, and may they live to see the day spoken of by Isaiah, when all swords are beaten into plowshares and spear into pruning hooks.

With all love and respect – רוס ודבד