In this teaching, Ross covers again a class that he shared many years ago. It is based upon a series of words found in the Book of Deuteronomy. Ross shows that this series of four Hebrew words, in various forms, occurs with great frequency in the Torah’s final book, and that the words occur in order. Together they form a pattern, which when explored, reveals an ordained order for “doing” Torah. Ross shows that each word represents a step in the process as described in Deuteronomy, but that each step must be taken in order. He shows among other things that the oft quoted, “we will do and we will hear” of Exodus 24:7 did not work anciently, and will not work today. That though it sounds nice, it is out of the prescribed order. Working his way through the Book of Deuteronomy, Ross shows many examples of this prescribed order. He also defines each of the terms using the Torah’s definition of each. How does one “do” the Torah? By following the prescribed order laid out in Deuteronomy. Listen to learn to guard to do!