IMG_7535For several years I have made audio files of my teachings. This is nothing new for me. We have uploaded literally hundreds of teachings in MP3 format, both on my website as well as iTunes. So, while I am not new to posting audio files, I am very new to the world of podcasting. My goal is to produce and publish high quality audio files of short lessons related to the Bible, and thereby share ancient truth with a modern world. Content is not a problem for me. I have many ideas for great lessons. The challenge before me at the present is to master the technology. I need to find my voice. What style do I want to use? I have been listening to numerous professional podcasters, from many different genres as I research the field of podcasting. Each one has his or her own style. This morning I began to play around with Apple’s GarageBand application and I love it! It is fairly easy to use and comes with many features to enhance the listening experience. Here is a very short example that I put together this morning. In this practice session, I tried a couple of different microphone settings and even added a few sound clips. I made this on my MacBook laptop with the built in mic and no mixer board. With a bit more practice, I may have something. Please stay tuned and send me your ideas! Click the play button to listen.