It seems an entire history of the United Nations could be found in journalist David Horowitz’s Press Section office on the third floor of the UN’s Secretariat building. His desk and walls were a virtual collage, crammed with papers and photographs.
The shelves were filled with Jewish memorabilia: a mezuzah, an Israeli flag, Kiddush cups, an embroidered kippah, a Hanukkah menorah, and a photo of Jerusalem. Many of the items were gifts from visiting delegates and dignitaries.
Covering the walls were many photographs of David Horowitz with dignitaries from all over the world depicting his long participation in the history of the United Nations.
Horowitz is shown here in his UN office compiling yet another syndicated column before a press deadline. Photograph is circa 1970.

Ralph Buntyn is executive vice president and associate editor of United Israel World Union. A historian and researcher, his many articles and essays have appeared in various media outlets.