Join me, Ross Nichols, for a deeply personal and engaging exploration of the life and teachings of Jesus in my video, “Following Jesus Out of Christianity.” I invite you to delve into my 50-year journey of understanding Jesus beyond the constraints of traditional Christianity.

In this transformative class, I recall my response to the call to follow Jesus as a six-year-old boy, my rededication in my 20s, and my relentless pursuit to unravel the authentic teachings of Jesus, as reflected in the biblical texts. The fruits of this quest led me to a surprising revelation – the Jesus I found in the gospels was not a Christian but a Jew.

Delving into the heart of the scriptures, I present a contrasting image of Jesus that significantly deviates from creedal interpretations. I unpack a more Hebraic Jesus who proclaimed the eternal validity of the Law, asserted the necessity of commandment observance for eternal life, and sought to lead others toward the Kingdom of God.

This renewed understanding challenges the conventional Christian notion of Jesus as God. Instead, the gospels illustrate that Jesus himself was a devout believer, with a God he prayed to, a God he taught about, and a kingdom he sought to realize on Earth.

This class is an opportunity to reexamine your understanding of Jesus and his teachings. Drawing from the essence of 1 John 2:6, I encourage you to consider the implications of truly walking as Jesus did. What does that mean for his followers today?

While my journey has led me to follow Jesus out of Christianity and into a more authentic faith, I believe this pathway is open to all those seeking to understand and follow Jesus more closely. It’s not about adhering to a faith ABOUT Jesus but rather embracing the faith OF Jesus.

My views may be controversial, but a detailed examination of biblical texts supports them. Whether you’re curious, skeptical, or searching, I invite you to join me in this illuminating discussion. Watch the video, consider the evidence, and decide for yourself – are you ready to embrace the faith of Jesus?

Let us journey together as we follow Jesus, out of Christianity and into a deeper understanding of his life and message. Your walk with Jesus may never be the same.

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