According to the Jewish calendar, the first day of the seventh month is celebrated as Rosh HaShanah, or “Head of the Year.” Yet, in the Biblical narrative, this day is termed Yom Teruah, frequently translated as the “Festival of Trumpets.” However, a keen observation reveals two inconsistencies: the Bible doesn’t designate the first day of the seventh month as the start of the year, and intriguingly, ‘Teruah’ doesn’t directly translate to ‘trumpet.’

This beckons several questions:

  • What does the Scripture genuinely convey about the first day of the seventh month?
  • How is the term ‘Teruah’ defined and applied throughout the Hebrew Bible?
  • What are the Biblical guidelines on observing this day, and are there explicit traditions to eschew?
  • Can we pinpoint instances of Yom Teruah being commemorated in the Biblical annals?

To navigate these intricacies and shed light on this revered day, join Bible teacher Ross K. Nichols for a profound exploration and understanding.

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