Restoring Abrahamic Faith – Knowing God Part Two

In this class, Ross continues with the study of God's name, but focuses on a name whose pronunciation is certain. It is found 45 times in Hebrew Scripture and is often used in the Psalms, though like other forms of God's name is concealed by English translations. It...

Restoring Abrahamic Faith – Knowing God

This is the second class in the ongoing series based upon James Tabor's book, Restoring Abrahamic Faith. The book represents an overview of the principle teaching contained within the Hebrew Bible. In the series, like the book, three foundational concepts are...

Restoring Abrahamic Faith – Introduction

This is the first class in a new series, titled Restoring Abrahamic Faith, based upon the book by the same name from its author, Dr. James D. Tabor. According to the biblical prophet Isaiah, God told ancient Israel to "Look to Abraham." Tabor's, Restoring Abrahamic...

A Disputation on the New Covenant

In this class Ross presents a disputation on current views of the New Covenant. Beginning with the view put forth by the gospel writers, Ross shows that the New Covenant is taught to represent a proclamation of death. He goes on to show how Paul and then the writer of...

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