Weekly Teachings

Two Conversations

This week two conversations were related. Both of these people have been seeking truth from the Bible. The stories of these two people represent a much larger group. Which one are you? After relating these two conversations, a few comments from the audience are...

Who is Listening?

The popularity of streaming video has overtaken the world. There are multiple platforms that enable a user to upload content for worldwide viewing. Each week our classes are streamed live to our YouTube channel as well as our Facebook page and these get hundreds of...

Diet Matters – A Review of Some Biblical Eating Rules

In this class, based upon Torah reading Shemini (Leviticus 9-11), Ross focuses on some biblical eating rules. He begins by showing that diet has always been part of God's plan for humanity. From the Garden of Eden to the latter days, diet matters. Watch on YouTube...

Passover in Prophecy

In this, the 3rd of 3 classes associated with the themes of Passover, Ross shares a message connecting traditional themes and showing the relationship between the former Exodus and the one to come. Basing his teaching on Ezekiel's prophecy of the Dry Bones, Ross...

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