United Israel History

In the Midst of History

It seems an entire history of the United Nations could be found in journalist David Horowitz’s Press Section office on the third floor of the UN’s Secretariat building. His desk and walls were a virtual collage, crammed with papers and photographs. The shelves were...

Remembering David Horowitz (20): Countdown to War

  On a mid-November day in 1965, while opening his mail, David Horowitz was surprised to receive a letter from none other than Fannie Hurst. The famous American novelist was on the mailing list to receive regular issues of the United Israel Bulletins, and...

Remembering David Horowitz (19): The Strange Saga of “Eddie” Abrams

When the West Olive, Michigan congregation of United Israel World Union dedicated their new Community Center on the 7th day of Sukkoth, October 17, 1965, the group received a most treasured gift. A rare Indian Torah Scroll encased in a beautifully ornamented silver...

What’s New with United Israel? Our September 2016 Newsletter

September 7, 2016 Dear Friends of United Israel--Shalom! I wanted to send out this newsletter to all our United Israel associates to catch you up on some of the things that have been going on as we head into the Fall and the Holy Days just less than a month away....

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