Triennial Torah and Haftaroth Cycle

End of Beginnings – Genesis 49 & 50

In this teaching, Ross covers the final two chapters of the book of Genesis. A broad view of the end of the Book of Beginnings focuses on the blessing of Jacob over his sons, the death of Jacob and the death of Joseph. Ross shows that the words of Jacob are framed as...

Blessing Joseph – Genesis 48

In this week's lesson, Ross covers Genesis chapter 48. At this point in the unfolding narrative, we begin to make a transition. Jacob is reaching the end of his days and he is blessing his sons. Jacob begins with Joseph's two sons, born to him in the land of Egypt -...

Reunion in Egypt – Genesis 46:28-47:31

In this week's class, Ross shares a message appropriate for the season. The ninth month of the Jewish calendar is generally noted for the holiday of Hanukkah, but in this message, Ross points back 350 years beyond the time of the Maccabees to a specific date mentioned...

Joseph Revealed – Genesis 44:18-46:27

In this class, Ross covers the reunion of Judah and Joseph from the Hebrew Bible. Building on the narrative of the Joseph Saga, he shows that this is one of the main points in the Tanakh. Working through the prophets, Ross weaves the narrative in Genesis together with...

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