TORAH – The Series

TORAH – The Secret of the Torah – Class Twelve

In the Middle Ages, a Rabbi discovered a treasured secret within the Pentateuch. He noticed certain peculiarities within the texts and referred to them in his writings. He felt that he had come upon a "great secret." He said in one place, "If you understand the...

TORAH – Evidence for the Scroll of Moses – Class Eleven

The purpose of this teaching us to present in a single class, the evidence for a Moses Scroll. Generations of Biblical scholars, building upon the work of previous scholars determined that Moses, if he even existed, never wrote the Torah as fundamentalist Jews and...

TORAH – Deuteronomy is Different – Class Ten

Early investigators determined that Deuteronomy was a mere rehearsal of material covered previously in the Pentateuch. The name Deuteronomy, from the Greek of the Septuagint, has supported this prejudice. The academic world eventually deemed the Book late and...

TORAH – A New Covenant – Class Nine

When the Scroll of the Torah was found in 622 B.C.E., Josiah set out to reform the nation in accordance with its words. Three prophetic voices (Huldah, Jeremiah, and Zephaniah) all declared what was to come - these declarations too were in accordance with the words of...

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