The Ten Words

The Ten Words – IX & X – Desire / Crave – Class Fifteen

In this teaching, Ross covers words nine and ten in the Ten Word Covenant. These deal with a subject generally categorized as "coveting." Ross shows that the Bible's two versions of the Ten Words in Exodus and Deuteronomy contain some differences, and through a...

The Ten Words – VIII. False Witness – Class Fourteen

In this teaching, Ross covers the subject of False Witness. Most translations present this word as, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor." Does this accurately represent the Hebrew? In this class, Ross works through various passages to show what...

The Ten Words – VII. Stealing – Class Thirteen

In this class, Ross covers the subject of Stealing - the seventh of the Ten Words according to the ancient division of these words within the Hebrew Covenant. Most English translations render the Hebrew, Thou shalt not steal. Does this adequately represent the Hebrew?...

The Ten Words – VI. Adultery – Class Twelve

In this class, Ross covers the subject of Adultery. He works through the biblical texts and discusses the precise meaning of the term in the Hebrew Bible. What is the definition of Adultery? Is it the same for men and women? Watch on YouTube...

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