Studies From the Hebrew Bible

The Fourever Faith: Listen, Learn, Guard, Do

It has long been recognized that the Book of Deuteronomy holds a distinct place within the Pentateuch, utilizing language that sets it apart. In this insightful class titled 'The Fourever Faith,' we uncover a fascinating pattern involving four specific Hebrew words...

Messiah: Origins of the Anointed

The figure of the Messiah, integral to both Jewish and Christian eschatologies, has evolved throughout the centuries. This journey, from the first glimmers in our earliest texts to the multifaceted concept we see in later writings, reflects a fascinating...

GODFORSAKEN: A King Like the Nations

Uncover the veiled mysteries of the ancient biblical monarchy in "Godforsaken: A King Like the Nations." Journey with us as we delve into the labyrinth of time, challenging widely accepted narratives and uncovering hidden truths subtly inscribed by ancient scribes....

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