Scrolls and Ancient Texts

Understanding Rosh HaShanah in History and Tradition–the “Day of the Blast”

Cry aloud to God our strength, raise a shout to the God of Jacob. This evening at sundown the Jewish holiday popularly known as Rosh HaShanah begins. Literally, rosh ha-Shanah ( ראש השנה) means “head of the year.” It is commonly included on our secular calendars today...

The Nash Papyrus – An Ancient Witness

Several years ago I heard about a most remarkable document. This ancient document, known as the Nash Papyrus has survived as an ancient witness to some of Israel’s most important words relating to religious life and conduct for humanity. The document is a single page...

A Glutton and a Drunkard – Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls?

In March of 2016, three-time Emmy winner for Outstanding Investigative Journalism, director, producer, and New York Times Best selling author, Simcha Jacobovici, stirred the religious community when he suggested that a Dead Sea Scroll fragment (4Q541) might be...

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