PROPHET – The Series

PROPHET – The Servant VII – Class Twenty

In this week's teaching, we study a term that is used in the Bible to describe the intimate counsel - a place where the righteous, and particularly, the prophets see and hear the words of God. Beginning with a passage in Amos chapter 3 and working through other...

PROPHET – The Servant VI – Class Nineteen

In this teaching we take a close look at the identity of the servant. In a previous class we demonstrated that the suffering servant was a group within the larger servant nation. Can we be more specific? Do the texts of Hebrew Bible provide enough information to...

PROPHET – The Servant V – Class Eighteen

The identity of the "Suffering Servant" has been debated since ancient times. There have been many proposed candidates. Is it the people of Israel, the Messiah, or a historical figure such as Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, or Jesus of Nazareth? In this fifth and...

PROPHET – The Servant IV – Class Seventeen

Can we know the identity of the Servant in Isaiah? Within the section of Isaiah known to scholars as Deutero-Isaiah or "second Isaiah" there are 20 references to the servant in ten chapters. In some of these passages, the servant is clearly identified as Israel while...

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