A Non-Prophet World

Welcome to a Non-Prophet World. A world where, as Asaph put it, "We do not see our signs; there is no longer any prophet and there is none among us who knows how long" (Psalm 74:9). What happened to put us in this place? In this class, Ross shows that despite the...

Never Has Man Spake Like This

In this teaching, Ross begins to show the style of the Hebrew Prophets. What was their manner of speech? Beginning with Deuteronomy 18, he covers the basics of prophecy, but then moves into specific examples from the words attributed to the prophets themselves in...

Why the Prophets?

In this teaching, Ross explores the reason for the prophets. He begins by sharing what may seem obvious, namely that within the Hebrew Bible are certain sections that are described as the words of God. He examines several passages from the Torah to show why, according...

Daniel’s Prophecy & June 7th, 1967

Iyar 28th on the Jewish calendar marks the day Jerusalem was re-united, and the Jewish people regained control of the Old City in June of 1967. In that year, Iyar 28th fell on June 7th. Could it be that the miraculous events of June 7, 1967, were foretold by the...

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