Portraits of the Past

“Portraits of the Past” showcase photographs from the life of founder, David Horowitz, and from the rich history of United Israel. They offer a range from the truly historic United Nations official press photographs to those that mark key events and milestones in United Israel history.

“Portraits of the Past” is written by Ralph Buntyn, author of “The Book of David: David Horowitz: Dean of United Nations Press Corps and Founder: United Israel World Union.” Buntyn also serves as UIWU executive vice president and associate editor.

Lady Madonna

On June 10, 1924, twenty-one year old David Horowitz boarded the S.S. Madonna in New York harbor. Destination: Jaffa, Palestine. Horowitz was making his first visit as a young pioneer to the British held territory. He is shown here right of center clutching the...

1966: A Congenial Gathering

The image of an old photo taken in 1966 at the Manhattan apartment of United Nations correspondent David Horowitz who had just been elected president of the Foreign Press Association. Seated on the right are David and Nan Horowitz. Standing at the right front is...

A Prime Minister’s Recognition

As 1980 drew to a close, David Horowitz received a telegram from Eryk Spektor, General Chairman of the Jabotinsky Centennial Dinner, scheduled for November 11th at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York. The gala affair was held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of...

A Zionist Trio

Nan Reilly met Menachem Begin years before she met David Horowitz. Irish immigrant Reilly was an ardent supporter and worked for the pro-Irgun “American Committee for a Free Israel” where she met and befriended the young Irgun leader Menachem Begin. Nan possessed a...

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