New Testament Studies

The New Covenant is NOT a Book!

Happily, I come out of a Christian tradition in which the Hebrew Bible carries as much authority as the New Testament. No different weight is given to one or the other. The Bible is one, Old and New, in my particular tradition. My own interest is far more in the...

The Seat of Moses – 21 Years Since the Discovery

In 1995 I was given a copy of an interesting article written by Mark Allan Powell of Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus Ohio. This article, (Do and Keep What Moses Says) was published in the prestigious Journal of Biblical Literature [JBL 114/3 (1995) 419-435]. It...

A Glutton and a Drunkard – Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls?

In March of 2016, three-time Emmy winner for Outstanding Investigative Journalism, director, producer, and New York Times Best selling author, Simcha Jacobovici, stirred the religious community when he suggested that a Dead Sea Scroll fragment (4Q541) might be...

A Disputation on the New Covenant

In this class Ross presents a disputation on current views of the New Covenant. Beginning with the view put forth by the gospel writers, Ross shows that the New Covenant is taught to represent a proclamation of death. He goes on to show how Paul and then the writer of...

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