Modern Israel

President Trump & The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995

This week past, amid great anticipation, President Donald Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel and committed to moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In his speech, the President made reference to the Jerusalem Embassy Act...

Registration Open for Tabor Nichols March 2018 Tour of Israel

Ross Nichols and I have just rolled out our March 2018 Tour of Israel with a thoroughly revised itinerary. There are dozens of "Holy Land Tours" out there and if you have ever contemplated taking one you have probably been overwhelmed by the choice of which one you...

Mechina Shahar (מכינה שחר) Visits Biblical Tamar Park

(Mechina מכינה) is Hebrew for “preparatory.” This is an Israeli program to prepare high school graduates for service in the military. (Shahar שחר) is Hebrew for “dawn.” For one week, the members of mechina shahar מכינה שחר worked with the Israeli Antiquities Authority...

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