Messiah Series

Messiah – Part Seven

Join Ross Nichols and Roots of Faith for the final class in the popular Messiah Series. In this class Ross seeks to pull all the previous teachings together. Using a few examples of texts that are considered messianic, Ross suggests that most of the people of the book...

Messiah – Part Six

Join Ross Nichols and Roots of Faith for Part Six in the popular Messiah Series. In this teaching, Ross continues his quest for the authentic description of the Messiah. Ross explores some of the points used within the Christian Scriptures to show that Jesus of...

Messiah – Part Five

In part five of the Messiah series, Ross takes a look at a sampling of the views of Messiah from the teachings of Judaism. He focuses on some of the dialogue contained in Sanhedrin 98, working through the ancient discussion about various details related to the...

Messiah Series – Part Four

In the fourth class in the Messiah series, Ross continues to provide a historical framework that is necessary for a proper understanding of the biblical messiah. Beginning with the dispersion of the northern kingdom of Israel, he goes on to show that Judah failed in...

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