Honest to Moses

Honest to Moses – The Midianite Mystery – Class Five

What is the connection between the people of Midian and the historical Moses. Are there elements of the story that have gone unnoticed? Who are the Midianites and why should we care? Watch on YouTube ...

Honest to Moses – The Levitical Link – Class Four

The Bible claims that Moses is a Levite. As it turns out, this Levitical Link is one of the few things that even the most skeptical scholars are willing to admit as evidence suggestive of the Exodus and a historical Moses. What is the Levitical Link? Watch on YouTube...

Honest to Moses – The Family of Moses – Class Three

In the third class of the Honest to Moses series, we begin to sort through the biblical sources in order to determine what can be known of the family of Moses. According to our sources, we have names for the parents of Moses and at least three siblings. These texts...

Honest to Moses – What’s In a Name? – Class Two

In this second class of the Honest to Moses series, we begin the quest for the historical Moses with a study of the origins of the name Moses. Exodus chapter two relates that the name is associated with the verb to draw out (משה). Some suggest that the name is more...

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