Honest to Moses

Honest to Moses – Making A Name – Class Sixteen

According to a plain reading of the Bible's Book of Exodus, the name YHVH was unknown until it was revealed to Moses (Exodus 6:2-3). From the story of the encounter at the bush (Exodus 3) throughout the remainder of the Bible, God is known by this memorial name. The...

Honest to Moses – God’s First Name – Class Fifteen

In this class we continue our Honest to Moses series and our study of the historicity of the biblical Moses from our Pentateuchal sources. What is God's first name? According to Exodus 3 and Exodus 6, THE Name of God (יהוה) was introduced to Moses but was not known...

Honest to Moses – Theophory – His Name in Their Name – Class Fourteen

What can biblical names teach us about the dating of a text, and what other things can we learn by a careful study of biblical names? What can we learn from the names of people that contain elements of the name/s of God?   ...

Honest to Moses – Who Wrote Genesis? Moses, Another, or Others? – Class Thirteen

The traditional view is that Moses wrote the Book of Genesis. Is this view supported by the texts? Was Genesis written by one author or multiple authors? Did it reach its present form over time, or does our present text represent the original work? ...

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