History of Modern Israel

Daniel’s Prophecy & June 7th, 1967

Iyar 28th on the Jewish calendar marks the day that Jerusalem was re-united and the Jewish people regained control of the Old City in June of 1967. In that year, Iyar 28th fell on June 7th. Could it be that the miraculous events of June 7, 1967, were foretold by the...

The Balfour Declaration: A Humanitarian Cry for Relief

The Balfour Declaration is condemned today by Israel’s detractors and hailed by Israel’s friends as a great historic document establishing the principle of a Jewish state – almost on par in its significance with the Magna Carta, the American Declaration of...

Remembering David Horowitz (20): Countdown to War

  On a mid-November day in 1965, while opening his mail, David Horowitz was surprised to receive a letter from none other than Fannie Hurst. The famous American novelist was on the mailing list to receive regular issues of the United Israel Bulletins, and...

Remembering Shimon Peres–The End of an Era

An editorial by Yosi Beilin in the Washington Post... Shimon Peres was an optimist. Not somebody who believed that everything would be okay at the end of the day, but someone who trusted that if you do the right things, you can change a situation for the better. Not a...

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