Hidden Sparks Beneath the Surface

Hidden Sparks Beneath the Surface – a Series by Elisheva Tavor aka Betty Tabor Givin

All of the months are interrelated, each connecting to the next in the cycle of the seasons, the ‘round’ of the year…set up by The Creator from the beginning for our benefit to make up what we call time…like a beautiful string of pearls…each is significant to the whole…and each carries within it a special spark that lies hidden beneath the surface, waiting to be discovered!

With each New Moon or Rosh Chodesh, we have a New Beginning and are afforded the opportunity to renew ourselves. In this series as we go from month to month we will focus on these hidden sparks that lie just beneath the surface and what they have to teach us.

The Festivals of the Seventh Month of Tishrei Part Three Sukkot, the Season of our Joy!!!

“Full moon full harvest, full hearts…” these poignant words are those of Arthur Waskow in his introduction to the Festival of Sukkot in his engaging book entitled Seasons of our Joy. “As the moon of Tishrei draws to fullness,” he says,” we are ready to celebrate...

The Seventh Month, Tishrei and its Festivals Part Two

Reflections on the Days of Awe and Yom Kippur We are nearing what is considered to be the Holiest Day of the Year on the Jewish calendar, the 10th day of the 7th month, Yom Kippur, or Yom Hakippurim as the Hebrew Bible refers to it, literally translated as “The Day of...

The Seventh Month, Tishrei and its Festivals Part One

Reflections on Rosh Hashanah, Its Background, Origins and Customs And the Relationship to Yom Teruah   As we come to the close of the month of Elul…the month known as one of teshuvah, a month of deep introspection and soul searching with its heartfelt plea to...

Elul אֱלוּל – The Month of Teshuvah and Return Part Two

The Central Message of Elul and Beyond “Shuv, shuv” - The poignant cry of HaShem, (Yud Hey Vav Hey in the Hebrew text), YHVH, our G-d and Creator has echoed down through the ages and is reflected countless times through the pages of the Torah…His words are calling...

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