Hidden Sparks Beneath the Surface

Hidden Sparks Beneath the Surface – a Series by Elisheva Tavor aka Betty Tabor Givin

All of the months are interrelated, each connecting to the next in the cycle of the seasons, the ‘round’ of the year…set up by The Creator from the beginning for our benefit to make up what we call time…like a beautiful string of pearls…each is significant to the whole…and each carries within it a special spark that lies hidden beneath the surface, waiting to be discovered!

With each New Moon or Rosh Chodesh, we have a New Beginning and are afforded the opportunity to renew ourselves. In this series as we go from month to month we will focus on these hidden sparks that lie just beneath the surface and what they have to teach us.

Shevat Part Two – Tu B’Shevat – New Year for Trees

From the Torah and the Traditions We noted in part one of this article that the word shevat stems from the Hebrew word shevet and can be translated as a rod, a stick, a branch, a staff, also a tribe or a symbol of authority as in a scepter. If we paint a picture in...

The Eleventh Month – Shevat, Part One of Two – L’dor v’dor…from Generation to Generation

The Infinite Connection from the Beginning of Time to this Day Life is all about connecting…connecting to our ancestors, our families, our friends…connecting to our Source, to HaShem, the One G-d and Creator of the Universe and to His Torah and the cycle of the times...

Ani Joseph…I am Joseph, Joseph Wept, Part Two

Back to the Question…Why was it Joseph Who Wept? Is there a Deeper Meaning? We have noted that aside from Benjamin, his younger brother and son of his own mother Rachel, that none of the other brothers wept. We ask again, “Why?” It has been said that they were in...

Ani Yosef…I am Joseph Joseph Wept – Part One

The Joseph Saga – from Vayeshev through Vayechi (Gen. 37:1 – 50:26) “Ani Yosef”(I am Joseph)…what riveting, heartrending words…those and the words, “Joseph wept, “have been playing over and over in my mind since reading them once again in the last few Torah portions...

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