Hebrew Language

In the Name of Love: A Passionate Quest for the True Name of The Creator

And YHVH shall be King over all the earth; in that day shall YHVH be One, and His Name One. (Zech. 14:9) There’s an old saying that when the elderly die, a library is lost, and volumes of wisdom and knowledge are gone. Could such be the case with Moses? It has been...

Introduction To Biblical Hebrew

Videos for Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Classes This post contains the video lessons of our popular Introduction to Biblical Hebrew classes. Classes are live streamed from our United Israel Facebook Page. We also have a Facebook group for students enrolled in the...

Hebrew Language Helps

This project began as part of my own personal study but has over the years, developed into something that can be used by other students of Biblical Hebrew. You are welcome to download, print, and distribute copies of these documents. My goal here is to provide you...

Me is who, who is he, and he is she….

Don't worry, I am not confused. I am just illustrating a few points for potential Hebrew students. When one begins to study the Hebrew language there are several things to get straight. Certain Hebrew words sound like English words, but the meaning is not the same....

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