Hebrew Faith

Making Prayer a Priority

In this teaching, Ross covers the subject of prayer. The word "prayer" first appears in the biblical texts in the 20th chapter of Genesis. It happens to be introduced in a passage that also informs us the Abraham was a prophet (navi). What is the significance of this?...

What is the Hebrew Faith?

What is the Hebrew Faith?   “I am a Hebrew and I fear the Almighty, who made heaven and earth” Jonah 1:9 People often ask who we are, what we are, or how we define ourselves in terms of our religious faith? The answer is as simple as it is profound. We hold to...

The Secret Things Belong to Yehovah: Peering through the Glass Darkly

Here are the slides illustrating Dr. James D. Tabor's lecture at the 74th Annual United Israel meeting, April 29, 2017, Saint Francisville, LA. The complete weekend program is available here: Annual Conference Program and the presentation itself will be posted after...

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