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A Review of Menashe Har-El’s, Sinai Journeys – The Route of the Exodus

Central to the Torah’s story is the forty-year wilderness wanderings of the children of Israel. According to our sources, 603,550 males and their families with all of their stuff, leave Egypt en masse from the land of Goshen to the land promised to them by God. The...

The Jerusalem Bible Edition of the Koren Tanakh – A Review

Quite often I am asked about the best English translation of the Hebrew Bible. I prefer the The Jerusalem Bible Edition of the Koren Tanakh for several reasons and intend to share some of those reasons in this post. The introduction to the Koren Tanakh proudly refers...

Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence – A Review

Nehemia Gordon’s book, Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence is fact-filled and engaging. I could hardly put it down once I started it. The book is written in a very inviting and personal manner, carrying the reader along for the discovery of a lifetime. The book...

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