Biblical Festivals

A Day to Deny Self

On the tenth day of the seventh month is a Day of Atonement (Leviticus 23:26).” According to the Bible, this tenth day of the seventh month, which begins on the evening of the ninth, and lasts until the evening of tenth, shall be a Sabbath of solemn rest on which we...

The Ten Plagues of Egypt – A Passover Storytime for Children

Join Ross Nichols for a fun and engaging reading of The Ten Plagues of Egypt written by Shoshana Lepon and Illustrated by Aaron Freidman. The book is a cute way to tell children about the events leading up to the Exodus. We will stream the reading live from our...

Teruah – Getting at the Meaning

According to the Bible, the first day of the seventh month marks a special day on the Hebrew calendar. The day is popularly known as the Feast or Festival of Trumpets. There are two main texts in the Torah that provide all that we know of this holy day. And the LORD...

The First Coming – A Shavuot Teaching

In this class, Ross begins his lesson at a bush on a mountain called Sinai and Horeb. He focuses in on some key words used throughout the narrative to illustrate that the sending forth of Israel out of Egypt was for a specific reason. Working through several passages...

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