Arab Israeli Relations

Remembering David Horowitz (20): Countdown to War

  On a mid-November day in 1965, while opening his mail, David Horowitz was surprised to receive a letter from none other than Fannie Hurst. The famous American novelist was on the mailing list to receive regular issues of the United Israel Bulletins, and...

Remembering David Horowitz (18): Among Jethro’s People

In January 1965, David Horowitz was elected First Vice President of the Foreign Press Association, a 48-year-old organization of over 300 correspondents representing every region of the world. Mr. Horowitz also moderates the UN Correspondents Round Table bi-weekly...

Remembering David Horowitz (6): What A Difference a Year Makes

Times Square: New Year’s Eve and the countdown was underway. Suddenly it was 1950. Happy New Year…Happy New Decade! Samuel Epstein and David Horowitz were invited to a New Year’s Party in Greenwich Village to celebrate the new beginning. During the party the subject...

Remembering David Horowitz (5): A Decade of Change: The Greatest Generation

Israel, the Jewish State in Palestine, was born on May 14, 1948. The day after Israel declared its independence, five Arab armies-Egypt, Syria, Transjordan, Lebanon, and Iraq-invaded Palestine in an effort to prevent Israel from coming into being. The Arab war to...

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