In this teaching, Ross covers the 17th portion of Genesis according to the ancient triennial Torah cycle of readings. This portion of Scripture, containing what is called the Akedah, or the Binding of Isaac, is central to Judaism and to the biblical story. After many years, the seed of promise finally arrives, and then according to the narrative, God tells Abraham to kill him. Ross carefully works through the texts, taking a close look at this story. What are we to take from this? Why didn’t Abraham object? Did he believe that God would intervene? Are there indications in the Bible that suggest this? Ross also covers the abominable practice of child sacrifice as mentioned in the Bible and then begins to share his views on sacrifice in general. This class will challenge the views of many, but it is meant to do so. What does God truly want from each of us, and does the story of the binding of Isaac, provide answers that are relevant for us today?