United Israel World Union is blessed to have our own faithful scribe, John Perry, also known by his nickname Baruch, after Jeremiah’s personal scribe. We affectionately refer to John as Baruch because he has, for many years, taken notes of nearly every presentation by various teachers of United Israel. We are working to publish all of Baruch’s notes on our website in one convenient location, but are also adding the notes to blog entries along with the links to audio and video files for the associated classes. Below, you will find a link to a ninety-five-page document that includes the date, title, teacher, class, and links to audio and video files on the respective teaching. This file allows the student to search for keywords and delve deeply into a subject.

The file contains Weekly Teaching Summaries, UIWU Annual Meeting Summaries and Links for everything that is available to you from April 2007 to May 2020.

John “Baruch” Perry’s Summary file for April 2007 through Present